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This season sees the launch of Have Your Say!  This will be a fans forum podcast (hopefully released weekly) featuring the most important people in British basketball the fans.  It is your chance to have your say on what is going on.  It could a player that isn’t getting enough praise, something that is bugging you at your club, an idea you have had to improve British basketball.  This is a complete first for British basketball and will hopefully provide the British basketball fan with more of a voice on subjects that matter to them most.  We are completely open to all callers and just want to get the debate started.

All you need to do is ring 07525 408561 and once you hear the beep state your name and the club you are a fan of and leave us your message.  We will then pick the most interesting (or usable) messages of the week and bring you a podcast.

As with everything, there are some rules:

1. Make sure you are in a quiet environment when you make your call and that you speak clearly and at a slow pace so everyone will understand you.

2. No foul language, we are a family outlet.

3. Don’t get personal.  Insults are not big or clever.  Constructive is fine but downright abusive is not.

4. Remember the defamation laws of the UK (CLICK HERE for an overview).  We are unlikely to broadcast anything that we consider could be in breach of these so best you steer clear completely.

5. Please be reasonably short (anything over a couple of minutes is unlikely to be used)

We are really excited about this new project and hope you are to.  It should spark some great debates and give the fan a voice it hasn’t yet had.  We will also be doing some specials on Have Your Say so keep an eye on the website and our social media for more details.

IMPORTANT By leaving a message you are giving us permission to distribute your message, however, we see fit, thereby waiving all your rights to the audio and thus the intellectual property.  If you change your mind please send an email to info@makemtakem asap stating your name and what your message was about.  We will then try our best to remove it from the podcast but we can’t guarantee this.

To have your say ring 07525 408561 now.


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