Chance to Win £50 and Help British Basketball

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As part of the relaunch of Makem Takem, we are working in collaboration with the University of Leeds to conduct the biggest survey of basketball fans in the UK.  This research aims to understand a fan’s relationship with their club and their fellow fans.  This understanding will enable clubs and potentially the national team to develop better relationships with fans by providing them with a better service.

We would love for you to be a part of this research and if you do take part you have a chance of winning one of the ten £50 prizes that are up for grabs.  It should take you about ten minutes to complete and you will be contributing to a brighter future for British basketball.  This survey is only open for a few days so make sure that you complete it as soon as possible, all you need to do is click on the link below


Once the data has been collected and analysed the team behind this research at the University of Leeds will be working with as many basketball organisations as possible in the UK to improve how they work with fans to make their organisations better for everyone.  You have a real opportunity to change the direction of basketball in the UK, please play your part and complete this survey.

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