Glasgow Rocks: Is Glasgow going to rock this season?

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Last Season Finish: 4th
Makem Takem Prediction 2018/19: 5th
Key Player(s): Achara
Likely Starting Five: PG – Pryor / SG – Carpenter / SF – Murray / PF – Fraser / C – Zeigler
Concerns: Can Achara’s body hold out for another season?

Glasgow Rocks can be considered the ‘oh so close’ team of the BBL.  Season after season they seem to get close to the big prizes but just fall short.  They have performances that can beat anyone in the league but then they have some stinkers that have them struggle to beat anyone in the league.

That said the advantage that Glasgow Rocks has over the rest of the league is their core comprises Scottish players that have an affinity for playing for their home countries only professional team.  The return of Achara, Fraser, Murray and Bunyan will mean that Rocks have pretty much booked their playoff place.  This foursome gives them the building blocks for a gritty BBL roster and that’s without even denting their import allowance.

Of which the most intriguing import signing has to be Bo Zeigler.  Yes, he has a good college pedigree, hailing from George Washington (the same college as Pops Mensah-Bonsu) and he provides the Rocks frontcourt with a very different look.  His play is less about power or hustle and more about speed, athleticism and footwork.  That said the more interesting aspect is that this could be a signal that they are going to reduce the minutes for Achara and we expect to see more of him coming off the bench this season than ever before.

However, the most impressive new signing has to be Kenny Carpenter, although he is not the most orthodox BBL two-man.  If anything he looks to approach the game with a little more of a European style.  He has a good jump shot from range (even with a slightly clunky-looking motion).  Therefore, with the inclusion of Carpenter in the roster you have the feeling that Rocks are going to look to dominate games from the perimeter whilst locking down the boards on the defensive end.

Joining Carpenter in the backcourt will be fellow American Greg Pryor.  Pryor approaches the game more cerebrally than most and has a nice touch from the perimeter.  He does lack athleticism but I think that isn’t the style that Rocks are going for this season.  Rocks have put together the highest basketball IQ roster that the BBL has seen in several years.  The key will be how do they maximise this to their benefit and minimise the fact that they are likely to be the least athletic team in the league.  If they master this then a top four (and possible cup/trophy win) isn’t out of the question.  However, if it goes wrong they could be left in the slow lane with teams just outrunning them.  But let’s be honest they are dead-cert for a top six finish either way.

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