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Ball. Is. Life.  That’s it though, isn’t it? It’s that simple. It’s more than just a sport. It’s a Lifestyle. It’s an obsession.

Basketball has a community, unlike any other sport. Hoopers are a rare breed and we don’t just love it, we live it.

We walk it, talk it and others outside our beloved fraternity will never fully understand it, and that’s how we like it.

My name is Sean Adlem-Knight and I am here to be your guide through all aspects of the rich, cultural tapestry that is basketball.

I’ve been involved in this game for 25 plus years. I’ve played, I’ve coached, I’ve reported, I’ve broadcast, I’ve DJ’d games and I’ve commentated. Just about anything you can do to be involved with the game I have done. Granted, most of the activities stem from not being able to play at a high level but that’s not the point. I’ve been around this game for my entire adult life and I plan to keep that going.

The biggest gain from being around the game for that amount of time? The other paths it’s led me down. This is the reason I’m writing for Makem Takem today. It’s not just about the sport; it’s about the lifestyle.

My posts will take you on ride through all aspects of the culture.

We’ll talk infamous players, infamous incidents, trends and more. We’ll go through positive movements in the culture as well as negative. There’ll be no boarders – we’ll look into UK, USA, Euro, Asia, right the way down to South America and into the Middle East to uncover stories and scenes that are all born from the game we love.

An aspect close to my heart is exploring the intertwined relationship of Hip-Hop and Basketball. I can’t think of two cultures that marry so perfectly. I will be doing reviews of the biggest releases, the less public, but best releases (big isn’t always best) as well as going over some old albums/tracks that have been huge in the world of basketball and beyond. I’ll be talking to some UK artists about how basketball was a huge part of their lives and getting their opinions on all facets of the game.

Sneakers. What more is there to say? There aren’t too many ball players out there who don’t care about what’s on their feet. I’ll be rounding up the biggest performance and retro/lifestyle releases and giving my opinion on what you should be camping out for or what you should leave to sit on the shelves. We’ll also go through the kicks that have had the biggest impact over the years. We all know the obvious staples, but I’m going to go deeper into the closet and pull out some gems that are criminally underrated, Nike Air Swift anyone?

A big part of the content I’m going give you guys is to open up discussions. The comment section will always be open. I want to get into everything. The G.O.A.T debate, best handles, best shoe, album of the year, best UK player, future of the game and even the best Local League in the UK (It’s Men’s Sussex Basketball League by the way, Worthing DnD for LIFE).

So, that’s what’s to come. I hope you guys enjoy and I look forward to the debates some of the things I have to say are going to cause.


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