Sheffield Sharks: Do they have enough to swim back up the league?

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Last Season Finish: 8th

Makem Takem Prediction 2018/19: 6th

Key Player(s): Chris Alexander

Likely Starting Five: PG – Castro / SG – Alexander / SF – Williams / PF – Tuck / C – Marsden

Concerns: Are they lacking depth in the frontcourt?

Sheffield will be wanting to bounce back after a bad season (by their usual standards) last time out.  Only just sneaking the last spot in the playoffs will not be good enough for the players, coaches, management or fans.  Initial signs are that they have recruited a team capable of producing more.

They have brought back the stronger players from last season whilst adding new additional talent to the roster.  The return of club captain Mike Tuck, although a given, is a great start to any BBL team.  They may have lost Wroblicky to basketball retirement but giving Rob Marsden a bigger role is never going to be a bad thing.

However, it is the return of Alexander and Williams that will have the biggest impact on their performance this season.  Looking at that duo’s preseason it looks as though they have come back even hungrier than before.

One of their biggest issues last year was the lack of consistency from the point guard position and therefore the signing of Rene Castro has been made to find a remedy for this.  He comes with a high pedigree being a 32 game started for Duquesne in NCAAI.  He is a slightly more scoring focused guard than you might want in a team with Alexander and Williams in it but the impact that this has is yet to be seen.

The other signings of note are that of Matthew Don.  The British small forward has developed himself during a reasonable career in Spain and he provides them with the ability to stretch the court offensively with his strong perimeter game.  Alongside him is the introduction of Hanson-Young, who is an upcoming British point guard who seems to have an mindset greater than his years.  It is these two and the other role players that will make or break Sharks when they go up against teams that run deeper benches.  If they can hold their own then Sheffield will be able to compete with the top teams in the league, if they can’t then Sharks will be battling it out for a Playoff berth come April.

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