BBL Power Rankings Week 5

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This is the dullest of BBL Power Rankings of the season as there are no movers (at all):

1st Newcastle Eagles (-)

It will be interesting to see how the weekend off effects Eagles.  Some teams will benefit from the rest but often it is best to keep playing when you are in good form.

2nd Leicester Riders (-)

Riders will probably be appreciative of the break as it enables them to prepare for a very important European game this week.  The jury is still out on whether Riders can still be domestic gods or not.

3rd London Lions (-)

They just keep motoring on and a strong win against Cheshire mid-week will have given them even more confidence in their abilities.  That said there are still bigger tests ahead.

4th London City Royals (-)

Nothing to say here but the sooner they can get Hamilton into a Royals kit the better for them and for the league.

5th  Bristol Flyers (-)

Flyers fans will be hoping that the cup result is just a bump in the road and that usual service will be resumed next weekend.

6th Sheffield Sharks (-)

Sharks have taken on the mantle of the most unpredictable team in the league.  One weekend they show signs of greatness the next they look completely lost.

7th Cheshire Phoenix (-)

Cheshire will be disapointed that they couldn’t see off Lions in London midweek as that result would have seen them move up the power rankings.  However, a very impressive cup win in Sheffield against the Sharks isn’t too shabby.

8th Surrey Scorchers (-)

The Scorchers season is yet to take flight and the Cup loss to Giants will not help them gain the confidence that they need to push on.  The next few weeks are going to be huge for Surrey.

9th Glasgow Rocks (-)

A collective sigh of relief was audible from space when Rocks secured a good win over the Wolves.  That said this doesn’t mean that all is right.  The next 5 games are likely to the determine the fate of Coach Woods.

10th Manchester Giants (-)

They are unlucky not to move up the power rankings and had there win against Surrey been in the league they probably would have.  If they carry on growing as a team they could be on course for a playoff spot.

11th Plymouth Raiders (-)

Raiders will be happy to get the derby win over the Flyers in the Cup.  It will be important for them to build upon this result and start making a move in the league.  Time is running away from them.

12th Worcester Wolves (-)

Oh dear, oh dear.  The picture at Wolves just goes from bad to worse.  They are being cut off from the rest of the league and the gulf in performance is becoming more evident every week.  Changes are in the wind for the Wolves.

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