BBL Power Rankings Week 6

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Plenty of crazy results this weekend and they have made a big impact on the power rankings.

1st Leicester Riders (Up 1)

This was always going to be the big weekend to see where the Riders are.  The scary thing is they were missing players and didn’t play great but easily dispatched the Eagles.

2nd Newcastle Eagles (Down 1)

They stumbled at their first real test of the season and the lack of leadership will be a worry.  That was compounded by the loss to Flyers.  This has left them precariously close to dropping out of the top two.

3rd London Lions (-)

They made hard work of it but the days of rolling over Giants are gone, so a win on the road in Manchester is still a good result.  They look good to stay in the top four for the rest of the season.

4th Bristol Flyers (Up 1)

The Flyers turning over the Eagles is their first big signal to the rest of the league.  Is it time for the Flyers to break into the top four?  We think so (at the moment at least)

5th  London City Royals (Down 1)

The Royals losing to Wolves shows just how fragile their short roster is.  They have signed new players and Hamilton should be back soon which will be a relief for the Royals fans.

6th Sheffield Sharks (-)

A double win weekend will have settled the ship in Sheffield.  Still not sure they have the consistency to break into the top four but a playoff spot is looking more certain.

7th Cheshire Phoenix (-)

Nothing going on in Cheshire but they will be interested to see how competitive this section of the league is getting.  A big few weeks ahead of Cheshire.

8th Manchester Giants (Up 1)

Giants may have lost to Lions but only by three and they really are a challenge for most teams in the league.  Their chances of making the Playoffs looks better each week.

9th Surrey Scorchers (Down 1)

The Scorchers are just not clicking at the moment and it is costing them games.  This misfiring will need to end soon if they have hopes of another Playoff berth.

10th Plymouth Raiders (Up 1)

A road win in Glasgow was a huge result for the Raiders and the performance of Hassan was impressive.  This could be the missing piece of the puzzle and a move towards the Playoffs is in the offing.

11th Glasgow Rocks (Down 2)

The Rocks are on the ropes and the light at the end of the tunnel is dimming.  Surely it is time for major changes or they can kiss this season goodbye before Christmas.

12th Worcester Wolves (-)

They may have beaten and under strength Royals team in the Cup but there is still no confidence in what Wolves can do this season.

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