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Now we have found our feet and ironed out some of the wrinkles with running a new site we are ready to increase the size of the Makem Takem team.

Part of the ambition of Makem Takem is to give people in the UK who are passionate about basketball an outlet for their passion.  Therefore, we would love to bring new people into the fold.

Are you interested in writing about basketball? 

Are you good in front of the mic (or think you could be) and fancy getting into podcasting?

Are you passionate about video and basketball?

No matter whether its the written word, audio or video we would love to hear from you.  We would be excited to have more content on the site from a wider perspective, so whether it is the NBA, Euroleague, Basketball Champions League, BBL or even the Great Britain teams we would love to welcome you to the team.

If you love basketball and want to be read/seen/heard then please do get in touch at team@makemtakem.co.uk

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