BBL Power Rankings Week 11

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After a week away the Power Rankings are back up and running.

1st Leicester Riders (-)

Riders are not looking convincing and the loss, at home, to the Sharks will be like blood in the water for the rest of the league.  They are still favourites for the league but less so than in recent years.

2nd London Lions (-)

Lions advancing to the BBL Cup Final is a great achievement but could it be a distraction from their plight to win the league.  They are keeping their performances at a high level how long that continues will dictate whether they are in for silverware this season.

3rd Newcastle Eagles (-)

The first piece of silverware has already escaped them but they move into their new home in a few weeks.  If that can spur them on then they could potentially make a move up the rankings.

4th Bristol Flyers (-)

Flyers continue to keep ticking off the wins and they are making the transition into a top six team is happening pretty quickly and smoothly.  The only test will be can they keep their performance level up all season.

5th  London City Royals (-)

The arrival of Hamilton was impressive and on paper, they have one of the strongest rosters in the league but can they convert that onto the hardwood.  If they can they could make a post Xmas push for the title.

6th Sheffield Sharks (-)

Sharks impressed against Riders on the road this weekend.  Can they now find some consistency to make a move into the top four or are they going to carry on their rollercoaster season?

7th Plymouth Raiders (-)

Raiders have now settled into their rhythm which means they should make it into the playoffs this season but it is unlikely they will break into the top six.  Time for them to prove us wrong.

8th Manchester Giants (-)

Giants have found their level and this means that they will have to fight hard for them to secure a playoff place.  The key is taking the wins against the likes of Phoenix, Scorchers, Rocks and Wolves.

9th Cheshire Phoenix (Down 2)

Phoenix has made the changes.  Gettys has come in with the departure of the under-performing/rule breaking players.  It didn’t work this weekend but it is likely to be January before we see any level of fitness from Gettys.

10th Surrey Scorchers (Up 1)

Scorchers running a wounded Riders team to the wire was one of their best performances of the season.  To move up the rankings they need to replicate these performances against the lower level teams.

11th Glagsow Rocks (Down 1)

Glasgow will be pleasantly surprised by their strong win on the road in the semi-final of the cup against Giants.  However, this only papers over the cracks of their performances in the league this season.

12th Worcester Wolves (-)

Probably the best weekend of the year for the Wolves (they didn’t play).  It is hard to see them making any moves in the rankings soon.

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