BBL Power Rankings Week 12

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This week sees the most movement in the power rankings all season.

1st London Lions (Up 1)

Ok so the Lions are for real this season.  They keep seeing off with all challengers and this weekend the double of Royals and Sharks weren’t enough to shake the Lions.  Could it be their year?

2nd Leicester Riders (Down 1)

No games this weekend but I am sure plenty of the Riders roster and management watched the Lions games and will be more worried than have been for several years.  Is their crown under threat?

3rd Newcastle Eagles (-)

The way things are going around the league Eagles could see themselves drop further in the rankings.  They were completely schooled in Sheffield and aren’t looking their former dominant self.

4th Sheffield Sharks (Up 2)

It usually takes the Sharks until March to start playing at this level.  This early (for them) form could see them threaten for silverware this season.  Or are they just having a reverse season and thing will crumble post Xmas?

5th  Bristol Flyers (Down 1)

Flyers early season success is starting to look less impressive as the teams around them are improving over time whilst the Flyers are remaining at the same level.  That said, Flyers are still a cert for the Playoffs.

6th London City Royals (Down 1)

The Royals roster is hanging heavy with serious talent but they are yet to find any team identity or style of play and this is costing them.  They should be dominating games against the teams below them but they just can’t impose themselves on games.

7th Plymouth Raiders (-)

Raiders will be ecstatic with their win over the Royals but they are yet to find the consistency that will push them up the rankings.  If they can get a win streak together then expect them to break into the top six.

8th Cheshire Phoenix (Up 1)

Cheshire have made their changes and it will take time for them to settle into a new style.  However, a 19 point win over Surrey shows exactly what they are capabale of.

9th Manchester Giants (Down 1)

Giants continue to be able to put together some big performances and Bankevics buzzer beating winner in Bristol shows they are serious contenders for the Playoffs.

10th Glasgow Rocks (Up 1)

Is it just Manchester they can beat or are they actually starting to get better?  Either way they will be happy with their weekend and will be hoping to build on their recent wins against Manchester.

11th Surrey Scorchers (Down 1)

Sad to say but unless there are major roster changes the Scorchers season will soon be over with the playoffs all but mathematically impossible to reach.  Back to the drawing board for the All-Star Champions. 

12th Worcester Wolves (-)

Always sad when a team has nothing really to play for and we haven’t even reached Xmas yet.  However, expect the Wolves to pick up a few wins before the end of the season (they are now Leeds Force).

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