BBL Power Rankings Week 16

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Even though it was an interesting weekend there is no movement in this week’s power rankings.

1st London Lions (-)

No game this weekend but still plenty of positives for them. Riders not looking convincing, Eagles losing at home. They are still clear league favourites.

2nd Leicester Riders (-)

Riders just aren’t the same as they have been in recent years. They no longer have that aura of unbeatable about them and teams up and down the league are trying to capitalise.

3rd Newcastle Eagles (-)

Eagles will be disappointed that they didn’t get life in their new home off to a winning start and they made hard work of the game in Surrey. If Sharks were consistent they would have dropped down the rankings.

4th Sheffield Sharks (-)

Sharks picked of the Wolves as expected but failed to make a statement with the win against Royals. They are clearly a top six team but where they are in the pecking order depends on the weekend.

5th  Bristol Flyers (-)

Bristol showed some serious heart with the comeback against Riders but falling short by just a point will be disappointing. They are still on track for their highest ever finish in the league but not sure they have enough to claim silverware this season.

6th Plymouth Raiders (-)

They were party poopers in Newcastle but went down to Phoenix on Sunday. This sums up Raiders season. They have the ability to beat any team in the league but you never know if they will bring out the big performances.

7th London City Royals (-)

An impressive performance against Sharks and it could be a signal of them starting to gel as a team. If they have then you can expect them to make a dash up over the rankings over the coming weeks.

8th Manchester Giants (-)

The overtime win over their local rivals, Phoenix, will have been well received but the time has come for them to pick off some wins against higher level teams if they are to sure up their playoff spot.

9th Glasgow Rocks (-)

Rocks have made it to the cup final which might gloss over the major issues that they have had this season. They are getting better, that is clear, but is it too little too late.

10th Cheshire Phoenix (-)

Phoenix tried hard to be different this season but it seems that they are falling back into their usual routine. This week we saw both the good and the bad. They couldn’t see out the win against Manchester but then they turn over a strong Raiders roster.

11th Surrey Scorchers (-)

They must be frustrated after pushing Eagles into overtime and not being able to take the win. The new players are making an impact but they are lacking another impact player in the backcourt.

12th Worcester Wolves (-)

We aren’t even going to discuss their performance. It is moments like this that you have to realise that basketball doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that Ty Shaw makes a full recovery and is back to full health as soon as possible.

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